Chiropractic Biophysics

Mirror Image Adjustments

Mirror image adjustments involve placing the your spine and posture in the exact opposite position of your misalignment (the mirror image) and introducing a stimulus to “reset” normal alignment (the adjustment).  If your back is misaligned to the left, for example, we will position it to the right prior to the adjustment.  Once your spine and posture are in the desired position for correction, we will use an adjusting instrument that “taps” in key areas of your spine, such as the upper neck, back or hips.  The “tapping” sensation from the adjusting instrument stimulates posture control centers in the brain to “reset” normal alignment.  We also use other methods to “reset” normal alignment, including a special table with sections that “drop” during the adjustment.

Mirror Image Exercises

Mirror image exercises complement the mirror image adjustments by having you perform exercises in the exact opposite direction of your misalignment.  If your spine is misaligned to the left, we not only want to adjust it to the right, we want to exercise it to the right as well.  Mirror image exercises are designed to lengthen short muscles, shorten long muscles, and strengthen weak muscles to help restore your spine and posture alignment to as near normal as possible.

Mirror Image Postural and Spinal Curve Traction
Depending on your posture and spinal curves, we may recommend traction to correct your posture and spinal curvatures.  Traction provides a slow, sustained stretch to your spine which allows it to gradually reshape and remodel into a more normal, aligned position.

For the interested reader, here is more information about CBP Technique.


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